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Heya! I'm Soren! I'm 25 years old, use they/them pronouns and am asexual/panromantic!

I live in MI with my boyfriend and our two kitties, Willow and Rally!
Drawing is one of my biggest passions in life, in addition to animals.

I love all things fantasy, and some of my biggest interests are cryptids and mythology!
I frequently draw cute critters like Pokemon or other furry creatures. I specialize in feral and anthro art!

Some of my biggest interests are The Adventure Zone (and D&D in general), Warrior Cats (and other similar books), and Pokemon! I love nature and witchy aesthetics ÔöÇ my favorite color is mustard yellow, and I really love sunflowers!

Commissions are currently OPEN.
Click a commission type below to learn more about them and their base prices.

If you are interested in something that you don't see below, please contact me and I'll see what I can do!

Finished Work

Ref Sheets

200x200 Chibi

Custom Design

Price given may be slightly higher for extremely complex characters, complicated scenarios, and difficult backgrounds.

Price for NSFW art will have a small fee tacked on depending on what is wanted.

General Commission Rules

Payment must be made prior to me starting the commission. Payments are taken via PayPal invoice.If you find yourself unable to pay, let me know ASAP so I can put the adopt back up for sale, or re-open the commission slot!I will post commissions to my gallery unless otherwise discussed; you're welcome to repost it as long as you link back to me!Commissions are done in my own time. Current turnaround time is 2 weeks to a month!I have the right to refuse commissions at my own discretion. I will not give refunds if the commission is already in progress, unless a good reason is presented (such as I find myself unable to finish said commission - in that case, a partial refund can be requested).

Art Rules

A clear reference image must be provided, unless otherwise discussed!You are welcome to use the commissioned art for whatever you desire, just do not remove my watermark, and don't claim you made it!You will not edit my art. If you need something edited you're welcome to ask me!

Design Rules

Please do not resell for more than you paid, except with the addition of more art!You can always change aspects of the design, but always be sure to credit the original design to me!Gifting and trading of the design is always fine!

I will draw anthro or feral animals, Pokemon, Digimon, other small creatures and monsters, most fan-characters, LGBT+ characters, gore, body horror, and simple backgrounds.

I will draw NSFW and (most) kink-friendly artwork, however you and the characters involved must be 18+ and there may be an additional fee.

I will not draw humans, hateful imagery, vehicles and complex machinery, complex scenery, sexualized Babyfur/DDlg stuff, sexualized realistic animals, and anything involving pregnancy, vomit, or other unsanitary body fluids.

If you're hoping to commission me, send me a note on dA or message me on Discord (Soren#1792)!
Those guarantee the quickest responses.

Alternatively, you can easily send me an email via this handy dandy form!
I check my inbox infrequently (maybe once per week), but if the above options don't work for you, this should!

Finished Works

Base Price$20
Additional Characters$20 each
Simple Background$10

Finished works come with: one anthro or feral fullbody, shading and highlights, and a single-color, gradient, or transparent background.

Please check out my gallery in full by clicking here!

Ref Sheets

Base Price$30
Fashion Chibi$5/per Outfit
Expression Headshots$5/each
Additional Views$15/each
Character Inventory$3/per Item
Likes, Dislikes, In-Depth Info$10

A ref sheet image for your furry character! A basic ref sheet comes with: 1 anthro full body, 1 feral full body, and basic character info.

If you want something on your ref that's not listed, feel free to ask! Including 18+ stuff.

Please check out my gallery in full by clicking here!

200x200 Chibis

Headshot Chibi$10
Fullbody Feral Chibi$15
Fullbody Anthro Chibi$20

Please check out my gallery in full by clicking here!

Custom Design

Simple Design$15
Detailed Design$30
Ref SheetAdd above to refs price

A custom feral or anthro design, just for you! You decide the species, colors, gender, etc... You can even make a moodboard or something for me to base the design on!

Please check out my gallery in full by clicking here!